Friday, October 15, 2010

The Master's list

3.Crave Burgers
4.Brasserie Boheme by Gustavian
6.The Bed Scene
7.Eskimo Bob by Iceberg
8.Hongkong Emperor Seafood restaurant
9.Pamana, tagaytay
11.The real dream Ice
12.Wham Burgers
13.Beard Papa's
14.Dippin' Dots Ice Cream
15.Sonja's Cupcakes
16.Vieux Chalet Mary Grace
18.A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante
19.Gumbo: A taste of New Orleans
20.The Cafe Meditteranean
23.Tokyo Cafe
24.Bistro Ravioli
26.Sakae Sushi
28.Luk Foo
29.Art's cream gallery
30.Tia Maria's Fajitas
31.Cafe Breton's Delicious French Crepes!
32.Almon Marina: Classic Sandwiches at affordable prices
33.Mongkok is Mimi's Place
34. Unlimited Sweets at Love Desserts
36.Eat Well!
37.SIP Milk Tea
38.Buffaloed at BWNT!
39.Say Opa! to Cyma
40.Let's Go Tex-Mex at Mexicali!
41.Sen Lek: A Cheap Thai Find
42.Sweet Creations by May Duque
43.La Cuisine Francaise Restaurant
44.Stackers Burgers
45.Peanut Butter Everywhere at PB Co.
46.Atsu Atsu Ramen.=)
47.Piadina Italiana
48.Tagaytay Trip: Army Navy+Yellow Cab
49.Legend of India
50.Bon Chon's Soy Garlic Chicken!
51.Cravings goes Unlimited!
52.Thumbs down for Kainan sa Balanghay
53.Ate's Treat at Kangaroo Jack
54.World Chicken's Great Combos!
55.Joey Pepperoni's Pasta All-you-can!
56. Happy Cream Puff!
57.Dennis the Grill Boy
58.We just simply Eat and Go.
59.Mangan: A Portrait of Pinoy Modern Cuisine
60.P99 breakfast buffet at Kusina ni Kambal
61.Late Night Buffet at Corniche (Diamond Hotel)
62.Superb Luncheon Buffet at Berjaya Hotel
63.Floating Island: Makati Med's Best
64.Barbara's: 100% Filipino Pride
65.A Tempura Dinner for Her
66.It Takes Two to Sango!
67.The Busy Mann Hann
68.Peri Peri Good!
69.SEX for Dinner (Sinangag Express)
70.Say Banapple!
71.Angge Meets Chinatown!
72.Unlimited Sweets at Love Desserts!
73.Hainanese Delights, Manila!
74.Burger Madness at Zark's Burger
75.Subspace Cafe
76.Sophie's Mom's Cupcakes
77.Tramway Garden Buffet
78.Big Daddy's Chicken
79.Baked by Carmen Cupcakes and Goodies
80.Yabu: House of Katsu
81.Manang's Chicken
82.Pho Hoa
83.Harvest Gastro Pub
84.The Sandwich Guy
85.Pepper Lunch
86.Alba Restaurante Espanol
87.IHOP Philippines
88.Uncle Cheffy
89.Vikings Dinner Buffet
90.Bagnet 8065
91.Early Bird Breakfast Club
92.Kanin Club
93.Cue:Modern Barbeque
94.The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel
95.Clawdaddy Osteria Americana
96.Picket Fence All Day Breakfast Buffet
97.Mad Mark's Creamery and Good Eats
98.Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen
99.Vanilla Cupcake Bakery
100.Mom and Tina's
101.The Shrimp Shack
102.Project Pie
103. Cafe by the ruins
104.Island Cove's Fishing Village
105.Sangley Point Bar and Grill
106. Boon Tong Kee
107. BurgerBar PH
108. Stacy's
109. Wee Nam Kee
110. Magnum Manila
111. Johnny Rockets
112. House of Lasagna
113. Milky Moustache
114. Galileo Enoteca
115. The Wholesome Table


1.Valentino Resort and spa
2.Club Manila East
3.Villa Rey resort
4.Casa San Pablo
5.Puerto Azul
6.Zambales day 2
7.Zambales Day 2
8.La Mesa Ecopark
9.Kabayan Beach resort
10.Garin Farm at San Joaquin, IloIlo City
11.Residencia de Riego Resort
12.Buffet on a Cruise with Prestige Cruises
13.Roadtrip to South 1: Solenad, Nuvali + Conti's
14.Roadtrip to South 2: Caleruega Church
15.Pico de Loro Country Club Part 1 of 3
16.Pico de Loro Beach Club Part 2 of 3
17.The Historic Beauty of Corregidor Part 1
18.The Historic Beauty of Corregidor Part 2
19.Miravana Wellness Spa and Resort
20.Island Cove


1.Ultimate Taste test 4.0
2.Nuffnang's Birthday Bash at Borough!
3.The Ultimate Taste Test 5.0
4.The Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 Part 1
5.The Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 Part 2
6.Chef Lau's Dinner Party at Bistro Filipino
7.Yummy Eats 2013
8. Yummy Eats 2014

Angge's Features

1.Four 4 Valentine's
2.Creative Recreation: Life with Style
3.Milkis: A Carbonated Milk From Korea
4.VitaMilk is my new Love.
5.YES YES YO! Cheapest Froyo in Manila!

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