Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our personal dining experience at laya

Mimi had been going back and forth from our place so I thought it’s time for a payback. I searched another restaurant in Antipolo (first was vieux chalet) which could make her happy in an instant. I chose LAYA for a change. I don’t know but I like it when a home or even resthouse is turned into a dining place..


I made contact with the owner and I had no idea that the Irene I was talking to was the vocalist of Chubibo and her husband Ricci was the guitarist of Barbie, I guess and now with Rico Blanco. Running a restaurant is a good alternative to being always present in the band. As we all know, local music isn’t making noise these times.

For 650 pesos each, a five – course meal will be served including the appetizers, main course and a complimentary dessert plus their refillable signature lemon grass tea. This week's feature was "the best of laya,one last time", one last time because they'd be doing new sets of menu for the following weeks.


Trio of Appetizers:
Nori Prawn Roll with Mango Papaya Aioli,Shrimp & Chicken Wanton Bag with Thai Sweet Chili,Stirfried Kaffir Lime Pork in Lettuce Wrap - This was a nice combination, the wanton bag was "siksik" and I really like the prawn I wish they'd produce and serve more of that the next time we visit.=)


Thai-Spiced Pumpkin & Cashew Nut Soup - this was like a curry soup, you'll love it for your first 5 spoonful tries, after that, next appetizer pls!.


Grilled Chicken and Fried Wanton Salad in Oriental Soy Dressing - I love this salad! perfect!perfect!perfect!


Pan-seared Honey Ginger Norwegian Salmon With Toasted Cashew Nuts
and Sweet Potato Mash - The sweet potato mash was the best partner for their salmon. Too bad something happened (not their fault nor ours) and mimi wasn't able to finish the meal.But anyways, it's ok...she's almost done when she noticed it.


Herb-Marinated U.S. Hanging Tender Steak With Honey Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Mixed Greens in Asian Dressing - This was my choice from the two main course of the first time to appreciate mashed potatoes.. I love the tender steak.GONE FOR LESS THAN 6 MINUTES


Cashew Mango Kesong Puti And Chocnut Banana Spring Rolls
with Creamy Chocnut Dip - In short, TURON but not the usual one..This was a hit! I wanted more but I was shy to ask for that.=)


Where do we place the bill?cute no?


For a hard - to - find place like this, I wasn't expecting much people..but tonight, the place was filled with 20 customers!


After we had finished dinner, we went downstairs for picture – taking and we had to move fast because manong trike is waiting outside (ang sosyal no?haha).

A mini bar on the left and a cozy bathroom on the right.


Mimi was so excited to sit on this bed..I never asked if they also have a spa service available.


She was just so happy to try a pose everywhere and I'm glad too because she loved the place, food and everything in Laya..Happy Birthday, mimi.=p






Thanks to Ms. Irene for checking us from time to time..It's very rare that the owner of the restaurant serves you the way she does.=)


The entrance/exit elevated garden..bye bye!



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