Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Food Trip at Yummy Eats 2014!

This is my 2nd Yummy Eats in a row and Still, I'm glad to be a part of one of the biggest food fair this year! The number of concessionaires were so overwhelming that it made Metro Tent a very small world for the foodies, bloggers and other participants. Picture out crazy long lines over food booths, endless opinions and raves..well, that's the scenario but everything about the event was FUN!.

The number of participants this year was doubled (I guess) compared to last year...

Just Scroll down for  photos of this year's Yummy Eats.:)

I'll rate each from 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 as the highest score. Pls. don't just depend on my scores..you can browse other posts for reference.

These yummy Melt-in-your-mouth cake pops are from The Bunny Baker. Ahhhh! I so love these! Score:5

I got hooked to Yuan's buffalo wings!Definitely worth the wait from a very long line :) Score: 5

The Butchery's sausages were awesome that I had to buy some and give my parents at home a good treat :) Score: 5

Pouf, a local marshmallow creme,  captured Mimi's taste buds and bought a jar instantly. Score: 4

The Consistent Carlo's crispy pork belly was good too.. Only that, they should provide a bigger portion next time because the taste would be vague when you're having a 1 peso coin sized portion. Score: 3

I keep on telling this: I'm not a fan of desserts but Lia's avocado cupcake is an exception! Score: 5

Rawlicious'  odd taste was never an issue at all!So Refreshing and healthy at the same time! Score: 5

Cupcake Lab's catchy cupcakes Score: 4

My super favorite was Happy Bean's Taho Ice cream! Rockin' the soya taste with lots of sago :)
Score: 5

Kool Kids' Nitrogen Ice cream was way cooler than their name :) Score: 5

Yummy Red Rice Salad and Dulcelin's winning piece, Mango torte. Score: 5

My Cookie Lab's assorted cookies! Score: 4

Scarsdale is love :) Score:4

From The Ostrich Farm :) Score: 4

Pinoy's Fave Ensaymada From Pi Breakfast and Pies Score: 4

Theo and Philo Chocolates Score: 4

The Harvest's Salted Coco Caramel. Oopsie! No score for this one cause I haven't tasted it

OH MUG can instantly give you a quick fix for cake cravings:) SCORE:3

Hunt's made a good booth as one of the Event's sponsor...I love their hunt's-inspired dishes! SCORE:5

Goodies from the Cake Project SCORE:4

For the Crazy Hot Humans. SCORE:3

Yummy Choc Cake from Blue Toque.SCORE:5

Coffee Empire's Sample brownies are worth tryin. SCORE:4

Cuties from Double Delights.SCORE:4

Free drinks from C2:)

Hot Choco from Xocolat SCORE: 4

Extraordinary french macaroons from The Tuileries Confections. SCORE:5

The Fat Foodie Blogger at Yummy Eats 2014 :)

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