Thursday, June 17, 2010

Luk Foo with family!

Well, this is the first time I wrote a food blog with my family..It’s because we rarely hang out, most of the time, Nanay and Tatay would just buy us “pasalubong” and we’d share it happily at home. We had our dinner here at Luk Foo and my family were the only customers laughing and making noise.. we most love to laugh at Tatay when he does his wacky face.=)


Luk Foo is a simple Chinese restaurant located at Puregold. They also had another version which is called Luk Foo Hotpot. We just didn’t liked how they treat customers..Upon sitting they’ll give you the menu and you’ll see in the lady’s face(the one getting your order) that you have to order right away when in fact, there’s a lot of choices and we’re just first – timers here so we need time to decide on what to eat. And what made it worst is besides our dine – in orders,we also had to take-out some of our favorites like, century egg,siomai, pancit, etc and they were putting it all on our table full of plates already..I was just disappointed of the thought “nagmamadali” so that other new customers could fill out our seats..The whole good food experience got ruined by it.=(


For dine-in, we had....

Chinese Seafood Fried Rice(P250)


Mushroom Salad with crab cakes(P265) - this was spicy and I would have preferred this sweet.


I haven't took the picture of the other two meals because my family is also in a hurry for a taste..=)

Here's our family pictures if ever you wanna see it..=)



Luk Foo
Puregold Paranaque

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you all look soooo relaxed LOL. must be the chinese fried rice... -- visit my sketch blog as well >>

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