Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stacy's with Good Girls!

I had my birthday treat for the good girls at Stacy's. It's a two storey eye delight that transport diners back in the 1950's with its light colored wood finish, vintage items and wall decors.

I'm not used to  a "girls" party on a girly place but I still managed to blend in like,what? (lol!).

Sweet Colors really matter at Stacy's.A mug of popcorn, mallows and pretzels are served first...for free =)

Potato Chip Fried Chicken (P180) - Our usual chicken unusually coated with crispy potato chips.=)
I think it would be better if they make their gravy a bit lighter to taste..

Martha's Pot Roast (P285 + P45 for the mashed potatoes) - The meat itself doesn't need munching that much since it's so soft and tender. Of course, best paired with smashed potatoes rather than rice.

Texas Barbeque Ribs (P255) -  country style ribs surfaced with their very own bbq sauce

Our assorted milkshakes! Candy Vanilla (P98), Triple Choc (P98), and Pink Strawberry (P98) plus my lemonade.=)

Stacy's is a good place for homey dishes and desserts. They have a slice of everything from breakfast choices up to the heavy mains.

Old times all the way with these butter balls.=)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one behind this shot...=)

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