Monday, February 7, 2011

Mongkok is Mimi's Place

Mimi and I don't eat much at Chinese Restaurants because she doesn't like their traditional dishes and that's toomuch of a sacrifice for me. I love dimsum, congees and everything chinese! So I'm so happy when we tried Mongkok at Mall of Asia. There are only three branches of Mongkok in Manila, the other two are in Rockwell and G5.Just a simple Chinese Restaurant serving the typical Chinese Food.


So why Mongkok?
It's because all the staff there likes to talk with Mimi and offers her a sample of their dishes for free,gives her discount,and BIG servings of what she had ordered. Isn't that a very good explanation?

During our visit, the manager gave her a free Fried Rice which can serve 4 persons, a warm service and the dessert that we had ordered is not included in the bill intentionally.

Mongkok's Fried Rice (P230)
This was satisfying itself but you can still pair it with their signature dishes.=)


Pork Congee (125)
Not the best congee that I've tasted but it didn't failed me naman.I wasn't able to finish this because it will leave me full enough to try the other dishes


Salt and Pepper flavored Squid (P235)
Mongkok's calamares version. Best with vinegar!


Stuffed Tofu (P60)
How I loved this!The sticky sauce gave me an hmmm sarap!plus the steamed meatballs...if I weren't full that time I'd definitely give this another shot!


Our Dessert: Black Gulaman with Lychee (P60)
I never knew that this could be a great pair..Pinag agawan namin to ni mimi.=)


I really had fun here at Mongkok! There's a lot of choices to choose from and all of it are above average I guess. The service was great although I have to point that sometimes they serve slow to the point that eager customers would cancel their orders..hope that would be improved next time..

Mongkok Dimsum and Noodles
Mall of Asia


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