Monday, September 26, 2011

Legend of India

When we got to try Eat-all-you-can authentic Indian dishes here at Legend of India, I realized that I can handle different tastes of different cultures...And T think, I love that fact.=) We got this deal on a promo for only P280++ per person
Some of their dishes were delicious and some were really weird for us. Anyways, we had fun here because it's an unusual experience and we were bonded again to laugh at each other's face!haaha!mga panget!
The place was small,modernized but with full touch of India. Their LCD flatscreen TVs show Music Videos from their country, And most of the customers were Indian!
We tried samples of each dishes since were not yet familiar. No pork, no beef but their's a variety of chicken dishes. It's amazing how they cook their chicken cos when I had this one dish, I thought that it's pork but its actually chicken.=) Their curry was a winner for me..But my favorite here is their pita bread then I dipped it in their spinach and cheese sauce!yummy!
Legend of India 113B Jupiter st,Bel-aire, Makati City

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dawn said...

ang galing kong kumuha ng pic.. yey me!!! hehe.. friend wag ka ng mag-automatic na settings ha pag magkasama tau para maganda ang pic na kuha ko.. :)

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