Friday, February 15, 2013

Get sizzled at Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch seems to be an old story but it was just recently that I had my first experience here.. I was with Mimi, my sister and mcrae and since it's going to be my treat and didn't want to spend big, I brought them here for Lunch.=)



The menu was so simple and all their dishes were uniformed (rice at the center surrounded by toppings). It was difficult for me to choose because all of them looks almost the same.=P

The place was like any other fast food chain. One thing I like is they have instructional videos on how to mix and eat their sizzling plate dishes.


BBQ Beef and Pork Pepper Rice (P198) - Loved the right amount of sweetness induced in the meat. This meal would have been great if only the japanese rice was cooked well.


This is the first time I got pressured taking food shots because I have to mix the rice and meat right away after being served. The secret here is the more you mix the more delicious it would taste.

Chicken pepper rice (P198) - Mimi ate this as is.. Chicken meat was soft and tender.


If in case you find the meat lacking of taste, you may add their honey brownsauce or garlic soy sauce for extra flavors. It is readily available at each table.

Beef Pepper Rice (P198+ P20 for egg)


Next time I would try their Shake!Shake! Salad for P99 only..  We got full after finishing our plates so we were not able to try their bonus meals and desserts.



Pepper Lunch
Mall of Asia

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