Monday, February 13, 2012

GarinFarm at San Joaquin, IloIlo

Our family had a short visit to my father's hometown: IloIlo! After 9 years, my sister and I finally had the chance to pay a visit again and make some moments with our uncles, aunts and cousins..A lot of things had changed (mostly improvements) like the new Airport, more establishments,tourist attractions, restaurants, etc. but still, the "probinsya set up and ambiance" had been well preserved. One of the new attractions is Garin Farm in San Joaquin, IloIlo. Their concept of agriculture, leisure and pilgrimage combined in to one big place is such an idea. This large gate couldn't make it more obvious of what's inside..
A greenful welcome from the farm.The hanging vegetables are not for sale, they're using them as ingredients for their restaurant.I'm amazed but at the same time cautious..those plants might fall on my fragile head.=)
Entrance fee is a bit steep at P150 each per person. Might be better and reasonable if it's at P50's. Plants and Poultry all over so be ready to get itchy and stinky!=p But on the bright side, this place is totally eco-friendly and pure nature..
The place is not yet fully developed and still on its soft opening, but it's worth visiting even at it's status right now..Those rooms are available for overnight stay but wouldn't recommend it for now because at night, the only lighted place is the pilgrimage and restaurant..that means a big part of the place is dark and you could not appreciate the totality of the place.
A thousand doves all around the place...
Come on and Let's enter The Pilgrimage: From Creation to Ascension.
Noah's ark and the paradise.=)
Life-size statues of Jesus.
Copy of DSC_6551
Now, we're getting near..
At last!
Just below the Hugh cross is the final statue of Christ..even though I'm having shortness of breath from accomplishing the 456 steps all the way to the top, I found peace by reflecting and saying thanks to Him for all the blessings and for the good life he has given to me..
LEISURE. We tried the rubber boat(P120) and kayak(P90)on their man-made lagoon and it was so fun bonding with my cousins!They also have horseback riding (P60), 300 meters zipline for P250/P350,etc.
I must admit that I really had fun at IloIlo with family and a 2-day vacation is so bitin..Anyways, thanks for reading!

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