Saturday, March 27, 2010

Always eat in the MESA

This day was fun since it's my first time at greenbelt.hahaha! There were a lot of restos to choose from but most of them were too much high from my downed pocket..then we saw MESA with the tag "filipino moderne". Their menu is magnetic because their entries are affordable but somehow you'll doubt about the food quality.


Our appetizer: tofu salad- shrimp and century egg on a bed of round tofu.super sarap.hehe!


Entrees: Pork Binagoongan - I hate Bagoong..but anyway this is not mine.=)


Chicken BBQ in honey patis - charcoal grilled chicken marinated in honey and fish sauce. Love the sauce!blends well with the chicken.


And since it's my first time..feeling promdi muna ko..picture picture!haha!


Ok si mimi naman!



Ganda naman slippers mo..slippers number 2.=)


Thanks to mimi for sharing this day with me..sobrang naappreciate ko lahat..lalo na yung paglalakad mo ng malayo..hehe..=)

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