Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yabu: House of Katsu

After processing my passport at Megamall's new building, Mimi generously offered me to eat at Yabu after noticing that I look pale due to hunger. I have been hearing mixed reviews but mostly positive from the blogosphere and now is the time for me to know how their katsu really taste.=)


The plain-themed resturant was a magnet to customers. We were obliged to wait for our turn to be seated but it wasn't a problem to me if Yabu would satisfy my raging tummy.



We placed our orders early so it would be prepared by the time we got our seats,..I examined the interiors while waiting and all I can see are these drawings with their katsu stories.


The condiments are served neatly on each table. We were given sesame seeds and a wooden pestle for grinding..After my first pound, I can already smell the seeds' aroma.=)



I had the Rosu Tonkatsu Set 180g (P405) composed of Unli Japanese Rice, Miso Soup, japanese pickles, unlimited cabbage and a mini bowl of fruits.


I wasn't expecting anything spectacular nor a surprised feeling after my first bite since any Tonkatsu would taste definitely the same like Fried Chicken will always be Fried Chicken but after I sank my teeth on the meat, I knew that Yabu delivers the best katsu products here in the Philippines! I always get amazed when a restaurant makes a simple and ordinary dish a delight to everyone and this time let me give credits to Yabu. BTW, though it seems so unhealthy, I love the small amount of fats around the tonkatsu!

Mimi's was the Chicken and Seafood Katsu  Set (P475) Chicken, black tiger prawn, squid, oyster, eggplant and pepper - She was raised on a very salty diet so this was on the mild side for her. My super favorite here is the oyster!Grabe!it literally melts in your mouth and I can't bear the deliciousness of this katsu masterpiece!


I had extra 4 servings of japanese rice in one sitting. Don't get me wrong! They only serve small amount of rice per scoop.=P


The perfect partner. I am a green leafy monster! I never thought that the deep roasted sesame dressing would compliment the cabbage so well.


Thanks to my heavy duty buttons for not giving up with my tummy!hahaha! I guess the fat foodie blogger was too late cos the walls are fully occupied already.=p


Mimi and I had a happy lunch at Yabu!


House of Katsu
SM Megamall


Yabu House of Katsu said...

Hi Angge! We're very happy to know that you're now a Yabu katsu convert! Of course, we still have a lot of room for bloggers in our future branches! You'll definitely be in one of our testimonial walls :)

See you soon at Yabu!

Kristine said...

Can't wait to try Yabu in Mall of Asia. Been wanting to try their food but Megamall is pretty far and I am rarely in the area.

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