Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Buffaloed at BWNT!

To spice up my cousin's stay at Manila, I gave him a treat at Buffalo Wings n' things at BF Homes, Paranaque. And No, we're not there for cold beers on a sunny afternoon..We are there to get Buffaloed!


The place can accommodate up to a maximum of 20 persons at the same time. I bet it's nice to go there late at night when it's time for the peeps to say "bottoms up". I'm not into beers but It can be nicely paired with the buffalo wings.


1 pound of Buffalo wings (P264) - you can choose 2 of their signature wing sauces for this.We had "The Rookie" and New York's Finest which are the 2 least spicy flavors. The Rookie was somehow sweetened and it became my favorite while New York's Finest has a tolerable amount of spiciness. Ang sarap nga ng Buffalo wings nila!=)


Chick N' Quesadilla (P139) - It's on the much lighter side for a quesadilla topped with chicken chunks, bell peppers, onions and salsa


Chili N' Cheese Nachos (P139) - I love the Nachos itself but the thing that we've noticed is that the Cheese is too strong to taste.Anyways, you'll love munching on these


Twin Chili N' Cheese Hotdogs (P169) - a let down on our choices. I think it's way overpriced with the quality of their hotdogs. Not juicy and just like any hotdog sold as street foods.


NY dirty rice (P34) - Worth trying but I wouldn't pair it with the buffalo wings because this one's spicy itself.


I hope my cousin, Lester is having a great time during his stay here in manila.=)


And as always....=p

P.S. I had to make an effort putting my blog name on every picture because other people wouldn't give me credits or even ask permission when using my photos.sorry about that.

Buffalo Wings N' Things

132 Aguirre St., BF Homes, Paranaque City

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