Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy us at Ninyo!

First of all, I'd like to thank mimi for making this night happen by her not turning the fone off.=)

Ninyo Fusion Restaurant and Wine Bar formerly called In Yo is owned by Chef NiƱo Laus. I have read good reviews about it and now that I have experienced it my self, me too have to give it a two thumbs up.yeah! And If you would like to see their degustation menu sets with corresponding prices, message me your e-mail address.


Here's a look outside the resto. It's a bit small but they managed to have the seats arranged so it won't look crowdy at all if guests rushed at one time.


Mimi and I ate outside. We might get intimidated if we don't.


Our appetizers were bread and butter and this wasabi filled oyster with citrus mayo. Mimi ate a spoonful of this and I laughed hard of her reaction because she didn't know it has wasabi.


We chose salad over tomato soup..Shiitake Confit Salad-this one's amazing!will make you a veggie lover even when you're not..hahaha!


My choice.Chicken leg Satay in Japanese Soy Dressing - I think there's never a bad choice at Ninyo..all are just perfect!i guess.


Mimi's.Grilled Porkchop in Tonkatsu Broth


And for our dessert.Burnt Cream with Butterscoth floss.I have only eaten half..because mimi enjoyed this and even got my part.!hmm..sarap!wahahaha


The cheapest set is P695 plus the 10% service charge.

Ninyo Fusion Restaurant and wine bar



Jong said...

This post make my stomach grumping......

angge said...

that's what i felt too when i was reading it from other blogs!

madnilk said...
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madnilk said...

yum2 make me wanna have some snack right now - brb LOL

Leah said...

Thanks for the review... and based on your pics, it's a definite must-try. Looks yummy. xoxo

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