Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Milky Moustache: More than just milkshakes

I wouldn't mind having a Milky Moustache in this lovely milkshake place I found near our home.:) It has gone viral over my instagram and it is so unacceptable to just look at those photos, drool the whole day without even trying it out!

Our Milkshakes: Reese's Peanut Butter (P160-16oz) - I love this from the bottom of my sinful heart! It has the right amount of sweetness with Reese's bits overload! The Kitkat (P155-16oz) was a winner,too! 

Cool milkshakes on mason jars :)

I'm sorry for posting the dessert first..:p Here's their creamy carbonara for only P140

Clubhouse and chips (P140) - Would have been better if this was stuffed more

Plain Belgian Waffle (P45) - The waffle itself was done right and well painted with caramel syrup. We tried their Belgian Waffle a la mode and it's so sulit for P100 :)

All over the walls are inspirational quotes...and yeah, just keep on moving!

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Thank you! It's nice to be back but don't expect a lot of me cos' I'm terribly putting myself on a DIET.haha!

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