Sunday, November 20, 2011

Milkis: A Carbonated Milk from Korea

I'm back!Not with a Featured Restaurant but with a New found Beverage, instead! While I was on a jeepney ride going to Sucat for my SS number, I happened to glance at this new 7 eleven ad which was called MILKIS, a product from korea. I was intrigued by its look and with the fact that its my first time to taste a Carbonated milk!
It tastes like Yakult only with less aftertaste. I recommended it to some of my friends and they liked it, too..A can of Milkis would only cost you P17 that's why I bought a lot for me and my sister! * I only compared it to Yakult when it comes with how it tastes but definitely Yakult is better cos its a goodie to your tummy. Milkis is considered a softdrink.


julz said...

bumili ako neto kanina sa 7/11 kasi gusto kong matikman (nakita ko kasi sa poster sa labas). after kong inumin, mga 1 or 2 hours ang nakalipas, sumama ang pakiramdam ko!! huhuh natatakot ako kaya ako nag search online if there's a news about it at nakita ko nga itong blog post mo.. kinakabahan ako hahah

angge said...

Hi julz!I'm still drinking milkis up until now and it's my new favorite!I haven't experienced anything bad after drinking..=)

abbygale aguilar said...

Naintriga lang ako kung ano lasa nito. Actually binalikan ko pa sya kase nabobored ako gusto ko magtry ng kakaiba..I both love milk and yoghurt, pero carbonated? mm.. Let's give it a try. di ko pa sya iniinom magbabasa muna din ng mga reviews.

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