Monday, March 24, 2014

Everything You Want in a Getaway is here at Island Cove!

Me and my friends went to Island Cove together with the other bloggers last March 20, 2014 and based from what we have seen and experienced, We're so much convinced that EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN A GETAWAY can be found in Island Cove.=)

Before we start with the itinerary, we went on straight to their two-story hotel for our bags. The place was simple yet clean and well - maintained.

Superior, De Luxe rooms and cabanas are available. All with flat screen tvs and wifi access

Island Cove's advocacy to support Cavite - made products reflects on the goods displayed for selling on every room.

Electric Trams made our tour easy and fast.

Oceania Water Park

For the kids!

Island cove makes sure that there's no space for boredom because the place is jam-packed with activities the whole family will surely love!

At the interactive game room! Well, I think you could skip these tech stuffs since we can play it in our own homes..better be active by playing in their tennis and basketball courts, billiards, bikes, horseback riding and fishing.

I enjoyed the maze with my mates here...We lost the game maybe because we don't have a good sense of direction.=p

Who wants to get hurt and have fun at the same time?Island Cove provides a very spacious field for paintball. Equipments and gears are for rent...That's like P250 per person and P5 for each extra bullets If I noted this right =)

Of Course, Food Lovers like me also have a share of haven on the island as they have 3 different themed restaurants catering every customers cravings.

The iCafe which I have mentioned earlier is the hotel's restaurant.

The Fishing Village is my favorite =). Reminds me of my uncle's seafood restaurant in IloIlo...We enjoyed their fresh seafoods and pinoy dishes so much!

Sangley Point Bar and Grill is Island Cove's newest baby! This modern chic resto has an extensive menu of international cuisine. Anyways, I'll be having follow-up separate posts for the 3 Island Cove restaurants.=)

We also had a glimpse of Island spa...this will be so gooooooood after having and trying all the activities.=)

Who wouldn't want to work out in a place like this?I so love how colorful and spacious The Fit Club is!=)

Sing your heart out or maybe your lungs?(for something different) with thousands of songs available to try. =)

The most fun part was when we entered Animal Land.=) We got the chance to feed them and have a really close encounter with the animals most of us fear the most.

Mr. Uli of Island Cove Holding the baby croc like it was just a toy.=p

It's my first time at Island Cove and I would definitely go back and bring my family with me...Such a good place with great service!warm greetings by the staff everywhere we go and they're so versatile with regards to client needs. The place is not pretentious at all, it is what it is but they're always on the go for enhancements. I appreciate how everything is being considered: safety, quality, budget , etc.

So, if you're looking for a place to have fun or just bondings with the family, I'd recommend Island Cove among the summer spots near Manila.=)

P.S. Thanks to Ma'am Abby, Cecille and Jona, Sir Ramon, Chef Jomar and of course, to Tita Malu Samaco for inviting me in!

That's me...accompanied by fear.hahaha!

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