Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Tempura Dinner for Her.

We were supposed to make our dinner heavy with a buffet but all of the restaurants offering buffets are close to closing in.This was a turn down cos we're really hungry. Along our way to our last choice, Mimi saw Tempura japanese Grill which I know already that Tempura's store banner is shining brightly from her eyes. I couldn't say NO and I'm on the go for japanese foods naman.

The Tempura Addict/Lover


The place is comfy and good enough for a japanese restaurant, a modern type, I guess. With couches on the sides and grills at your own table.


The price of every dish goes accordingly with the serving and taste, average. Good thing we did not order much because our food is more than enough for dinner.

Ebi Tempura 3 pieces (P190) - the deep fried tiger prawns of Tempura are above average but not that great to rave about. They could have at least made it 4-5 pieces considering the price.


Uncle sam's Maki (P200) - Cream Cheese, mango, mayo, cucumber,bacon. This is a favorite!Even with the cheese and mayo combination, hindi sya nakakaumay. A bestseller indeed!


Ebi Hamburg Katsudon (P235) - I love katsudons!But all I've tasted are pork so I got curious if it's prawns on the inside. Well,actually, the prawns were not outstanding at this dish although it's evident at every slice.


Crappy us on an 11:00 pm dinner at Mall of Asia!


Tempura Japanese Grill
Mall of Asia

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