Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yummy Panizza at Uncle Cheffy!

Want to know the difference between panizza and pizza?Well, Panizza is just clumsier and more fun to eat! It's my first time to try it here at Uncle Cheffy.. I'm sorry if we didn't explore their menu that much because all we wanted that time was the Panizza itself.=)


Here's a look inside Uncle Cheffy Two E-Com Branch. I can imagine this better at night with it's fireplace theme.


Uncle Cheffy offers mostly grilled, salads, platters and their panizzas.

We had Cheffy's Steak (Junior - P250) - U.S. Angus Top Blade Steak with marble potatoes and salad. This one's a well done in mimi's favor. 


Uncle Cheffy Favorites (Medium - P200) - Can you believe this? I've never been this happy with my 200 Pesos.haha! This Panizza is composed of Oven dried tomatoes, mushroom, garlic, anchovy, chili flakes, basil and 3 cheese. 


Toppings like arugula, salsa and alfalfa sprouts were provided.


Just have a slice. Put some toppings, roll and presto! Well, I wouldn't mind if you also get clumsy eating this rolled because that's the most fun part. =)

Happy Eating!


Uncle Cheffy
Brick Oven BBQ and Panizza
4/F Two E-Com Bldg. Mall of Asia Complex

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