Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's Go Tex -Mex at MEXICALI!

Last saturday night we went groovin' over Tex-Mex dishes at Mexicali. I've always been a fan of their food culture but I barely eat at these types of restaurants. So I gave it a try since it was crowd free by the time we were strolling (pyro night at moa).

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The place was really a highlight of what it should be..Dim lights, colorful decorations, lively music, etc so you would not feel out of place eating your burritos and other favorite mexican food inside the mall.

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We started our meal with jalapeno and cheese quesadillas (P105) - this was nicely paired with their signature garlic sauce. Mimi and I were fighting over this.=)

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I chose Combo 5 composed of Enchilada, Tacos, Mexican Rice and Iced Tea (P306) - I must say that this was a very nice and fulfilling meal but I was wrong to go over the ground beef enchilada cos it was literally GROUND beef and I don't like the feeling of having nothing to munch on..if you know what I mean.Next time, it'll be the chicken or grilled vegetables enchilada.

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Mimi's was the Pork chop rice plate (P219) - their meat was perfectly grilled and juicy. It was evenly tasty and worth it!

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If you're craving too much but too busy to go out, here's the answer!



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