Friday, January 17, 2014

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery at BGC

"Cupcake store hopping" is Mimi's usual activity everytime we go out together. Whatever that looks gloriously yummy at first glance, she would buy. This time, what caught her attention was Vanilla's fancy set - up... so she went inside without even realizing that she already had a box of cake from SLICE. :/

I placed my camera and detached lenses at the same bag without separating them and boom! I got my new camera a few scratches..This changed my mood so this is the only photo I got of what Mimi ordered. Choco Mousse on glass jars (P140)

Here are some cupcakes available during our visit.. Prices range from 80 - 150...the average pricing for cupcakes nowadays. They also serve breakfast,sandwiches, fun drinks, pasta, etc.

Christmas - themed cupcakes for the holidays..

Tag along your friends if you want to visit Vanilla Cupcake Bakery...Cupcakes and Conversations can solve an equation. =)

P.S. Here's the non - stop cupcake girl.=)

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery
BGC, Taguig
Near Serendra and Adidas Store

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