Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yes Yes Yo! Cheapest Froyo in Manila!

Raise your hands if your heart aches because of High-priced Froyos!Ok.. Ok..Now put it down,guys..At least now I know we're thousands..Haha!

Like searching for the best food in town, I've been trying every Froyo store in Manila just because of the love I have for them..And unfortunately, they all taste the same (I'm just on plain froyo and no toppings please) and priced just the same ranging from P90 to P200 depending on cup size.So I limit my froyo intake into A CUP. I was hoping that one day Froyos would lower their selling price so I could eat 3 cups in one sitting.


That day I was dreaming of came true when Mimi and I passed by YES YES YO! A brand of Froyo owned by Fruitas Company selling Froyo for as low as P25?!I thought to myself that maybe the quality and Taste would just disappoint me but what's to lose for that price?And so I tried a cup of plain froyo for only P35 and guess what..I bought another one..I finisihed it and when I wanted one for the third time around, Mimi's eyes were sharply directed on me na.haha!

Photo from Fruitas Website:


Froyo in cone is worth P25, the one in the cup(one size only) is P35 and you can avail fruit and other toppings for as low as P5 per scoop.

If you're craving for a cheap froyo,look for this.=)

Photo from Fruitas website:

Yes Yes Yo!
SM Manila

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