Thursday, October 27, 2011

Piadina Italiana

After a long travel from Residencia De Riego, we headed straight to Mimi's work place at Makati Med and had our Lunch at Piadina. The place was dull and I thought I have to dance before the waiter can notice we were there (considering that they only have 2 sets of customers that time).
We had Calzone set (P165) - Pasta of the day with a Big Calzone and Iced Tea. Would have liked their calzone medium sized but full of fillings..This one's made of air and some mushrooms,cheese,etc.
Porkchop with Mushroom Rice (P165) - goes with Iced tea too..Mimi liked this but it's just fine with me.
Well, we just tried to eat at something new. Piadina's worth a try but to come back again..I don't think so.

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dawn said...

prend masarap lasagna nila.. hehe.. kaya lang matomatoes un as parang pure tomatoes.. tapos nakakatuwa ang garlic bread nila.. ang dami... haha..

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