Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nuffnang's Birthday bash at Borough!

It's Nuffnang's 5th birthday and we celebrated it all night long at Borough! I must admit I felt great after the party because: Again, I had the chance to meet other bloggers but of course,it didn't went out that way (too shy at first encounters). The truth is I just met a blogger.a single blogger and he is Ryan of

Opening speech care of Nuffnang's Manager.
nuffnang 025
Oh people!

2nd is that I invaded Borough.The place was a bit dull and lonely for me and the concept was vogue but we wouldn't stick on that alone..cos my main agenda is their menu.=)

nuffnang 002

We started the night with one of the best buffalo wings I've tasted in Manila!and it was paired with a cheese mayo dip.Sarap!

nuffnang 028

I never though that popcorn and calamari would fit together?The popcorn was a bit bland but the greatness of their calamari balanced it all.

nuffnang 029

Their cute burger samplers was nice too but I couldn't say that it's outstanding since I've tasted much better burgers before.

nuffnang 045
free flowing drinks at the bar.
nuffnang 031
And lastly, I had a blast with my long time no see best foodie friend, dawn! Her stories were never ending but that's what I missed about her most.=p
nuffnang 053
Dawn with Chef Cuit of Borough.=p
nuffnang 056
Nuffnang's gift for the early birds..and we got one!
nuffnang 003
For the win.
nuffnang 016
Honestly, Borough can be relocated so that they wont be just stucked in one corner of the mall.I'd be happy to try their regular menu if I'd happened to be near Podium again cos their food's worth every peso.Btw, it's open 24/7!


Ground Floor, Podium Mall, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center


dawn said...

bakit ganun nde nabigyan ng justice ang poging chef??? and correction dalawa ang nakilala nating blogger dun si nakilala natin xa.. hehe.. mas masaya ang kwentuhan natin kesa makipagmeet sa ibang tao.. again tnx friend sa invite hanggang sa uulitin.. :)

angge said...

hahahah!oh cge na pogi na sya!oo friend next time sana madami na ko invites para masama ko din c mei!

Ryan Mach I Pinoy Wandering Boy said...

Hey thanks for the mention. ;-) Glad to see you there.

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