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“Good taste, great pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews”

Beer has always been quoted best with "Pulutan" or street foods among Filipinos and this combination had already been a part of our tradition for a very long time.  But of course, nothing is constant in this world and people are trying to sort out new things every now and then for better results..Just as when San Miguel made high quality and award - winning beers called the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews composed of Premium All-Malt, Super Dry and Cerveza Negra so we can enjoy Beer pairing not only with the common "Pulutan" we used to have but also with a wide range of gourmet foods.

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I had been exposed early on Beer Pairing when I started being a Food Critic for The Ultimate Taste Test led by my favorite awesome blogger, Anton. Me and my friends used to enjoy food samples from different suppliers with a bottle of our choice from the Lifestyle Brews on our other hand.


Here's us enjoying the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews!


As I've said, I just had a hint of how enjoyable Beer pairing can be but I never got the chance to bring it  to the next level..Thanks to this contest made by San Miguel Lifestyle Brews that I had my first Beer Pairing experience in a Restaurant!


I chose Harvest Gastro Pub at BGC since they serve highly pleasing dishes at affordable prices plus, they have the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews Trio completely available on their Pub!


What made our experience better is that they have a buy one take one promo for their beers so Imagine having two(2) San Miguel Super Dry, Premium All-malt or Cerveza Negra at 70 pesos only! Real


The Modern but classic chic look of the place was not intimidating at all for drinking sessions..In fact, it enhanced our drinking powers to full level that we've emptied all our bottles in one sitting!=)


Our Best Buddies for the day!Get to know them more with these short but precise description of each beer.




Now, I'll share with you, Guys a one-of-a-kind beer pairing experience with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews!


We started our Lunch with Baked Scallops (Roxas Scallops on a half shell with Cheese, Garlic, Lemon and Spinach.)


Paired it with San Miguel Premium All-Malt and the result was awesome! The beer brought up the flavors on the scallops in every gulp. I worried much that the Premium All-Malt might overpower the light taste of the scallops but surprisingly, it didn't! I love it when the scallops melt in my mouth while I can still taste the richness and smoothness of the Premium All-Malt!  Pure Malt Perfection Guaranteed!=)


Instead of being an appetizer, we ate our Gambas Al Ajillo (Fresh White Shrimps, Chorizo Pamplona, Olive Oil, Tons of Garlic, Paprika Sofrito) with rice.  We were so overwhelmed with the generous serving of the shrimps.=)


We paired this with both the Premium All-Malt and Super Dry..Good thing the Gambas was not that hard to pair with.The combination of the soft shrimps plus the grainy and chewy Chorizo was so good with both the Premium All - malt and Super Dry!=)

I had the Slow Braised US Short Ribs Korean Beef Stew (US Short Ribs,Kimchi, Bibimbap Rice with Spiced Togue, Radish, Spinach and Nori)



This is the best beef stew I've tasted so far! I will tell you with all honesty that this is best with San Miguel Super dry! The sweet and tender meat was battling so good over the spicy rice while drinking the Super Dry in between enhances the taste of the beef and its sauce.


Definitely, this is my favorite dish paired with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews because I did appreciate  so much the compatibility between the Super Dry and Korean Beef Stew! The flavors were all bursting as I sank my teeth unto the meat  and this was so perfect with The Super Dry's clean, crisp and dry taste!

For dessert, we had the Kitkat mousse  from UCC Cafe.. has the right amount of sweetness and I just love the spongy and brittle cake all over the mousse!=)


I don't want to risk on this since I have little knowledge on desserts that's why I searched the San Miguel Lifestyle brews website and found out that Choco Mousse would be great for Cerveza Negra.

Sweetness filled my mouth as I paired Cerveza Negra with the Kitkat mousse! I so love the caramel flavor of cerveza plus the airy but thick Chocolate from the mousse!


This Beer Pairing experience with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews is my most favorite and most memorable at the same time. During our trial and error in pairing, I had to admit that  surprises come along the way as we patiently tried each combination.=)


One good reason why this experience became my most favorite is that this beer pairing with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews gave me a unique pleasure of drinking...Usually, Most foods/dishes  doesn't go well with other beers and they just clash in my mouth like enemies while the SMLB Trio blends well and enhances the flavors in my food, making it the perfect pair ever!=)

I'm not a beer person as I drink occasionally  but I enjoyed every bit of this experience to the fullest! Not only did I had fun on this one but as a blogger, I learned to expand my ideas and scope about my one and only favorite topic, FOOD.=) I thought that beer pairing would be hard for someone like me but with the help of  some good beer pairing tips and basics, this activity became a piece of cake for the fat foodie blogger!


Mimi with her bottle of Cerveza Negra.=)


My favorite San Miguel Lifestyle Brew beer is the San Miguel Super Dry because it has a light taste that can give way to any kind of dish or food..this is exactly the right beer for me and I would definitely include this on my next food adventure!


Drinking experience that’s above the ordinary

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