Saturday, March 27, 2010

Get heavy at A veneto ristorante!

a veneto pizzeria ristorante reserves a goody seat for buddies and barkadas. Though there’s nothing special here, the compensation is you eat right for what you pay. They leave customers with full stomach..I only ate half of the serving and had to take –out the rest. Bad thing was we weren’t notified that all pastas are already good for two so mimi and I ordered separately.


To keep customers reminiscent of their place, every restaurant has a highlight may be a part or the whole place itself.. In veneto’s case, this painting became the center of attraction:
The Hollywood stars holding boxes of pizza with ROCKY swinging on the rope..



Chicken pasta. Same as that of pizza hut’s but creamier and has more chicken strips.

Baked Ziti with meatballs. This was ok. Just be happy for the three big meatballs.

Ask mimi what planet does she came from cos she doesn’t like pizza. My love order was this vegetarian pizza for P90/slice. From this pick, I think their other choices of pizza are great too! why don’t you try it and tell me your judgment.

A Veneto pizzeria ristorante
SM mall of asia
back of Bo’s coffee

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