Sunday, March 28, 2010

The real dream ice!

Khat and I had our new ice craze at mall of asia! We were for something refreshing and while walking,this DREAM ICE kakicoori caught our attention. Its a simple mix of crushed ice, the flavor syrup of your choice (bestsellers are melon, caramel and strawberry), macapuno, nata, condensed milk and 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream.


This feature is not really in my plan to get posted, but since I enjoyed the taste I decided to include it na. I thought this cooler was the same with other of its kind..Too much sweet that I can’t even finish a small serving..this one has the right blending and sides.

And instead of me eating, I’ll just put khat’s picture because you might get dismayed if it would be me.


DREAM ICE kakicoori
sm mall of asia
the stall is near powerstation

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