Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buffet on a Cruise with Prestige Cruises

Had the chance to experience cruising with dinner buffet for only P250!Thanks to Metrodeal for this great deal. The worth of the voucher is for the cruise experience alone for me and the dinner buffet was just an awesome add-up. Prestige Cruises offers this for P500 if not for the promo. To accommodate all those who bought the deal, they have to make 3 rounds each day: 6:00pm,8:00pm and 10:00pm
I suggest this when you're with your loved ones cos it's so romantic roaming the sea with all the city lights around. Too bad, during our ride it was a bit bumpy cos the waves are going wild.But I think it's tolerable for me cos I didn't vomit at all.=p
There were a lot of indians on board and they were so active dancing in groups during the trip. At least we had a bonus fun show.hahaha!
There were only 3 choices for main dishes, salad and soup and their chocolate bars which are not unlimited. Their drinks are not included too and it would cost you P50 for a glass of iced tea.
We enjoyed taking pictures of each other and the buildings around us.Mimi had fun with the cruise and I had too,it's just that I got a little dizzy.=p
Prestige Cruises Their dock is near sofitel and PICC


ashlee said...

This cruise seems very nice. The cruise that was the best was the mediterranean cruise it was so much fun.

Tron Master said...

I love to go on a Prestige Cruise. I hear there one of the best cruises to go on. I went on some Alaska Cruises before and I had a great time! Thanks for posting the story!

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