Saturday, October 26, 2013

Clawdaddy Osteria Americana

Our First time here at Clawdaddy wasn't really about pure seafood experience at all because we didn't tried their crabs nor the boiling bags. We were already tired to add effort on our meals so we skipped on their specialties but that doesn't mean we weren't happy with our dinner. Clawdaddy has a lot more to offer  as they extend their menu from seafoods to pasta, pizza and BBQ specials.


I find the place creative at some point but the ambiance was so dull for me. Good thing, we were very satisfied with the food that we didn't mind to bother much.


While waiting for our orders, a complimentary bread and butter was served.


Our First Crack was their Oyster Rockefeller (P205) -  This fresh appetizer which is  topped with spinach, bacon, cream and parmesan cheese hit our taste buds with delight! I hope you know that you shouldn't eat this with an empty stomach.=)


Kansas City Ribs (P395) - Their Barbequed spareribs was the bomb! Cooked perfectly as the meat requires little effort to peel off from the ribs! The dirty rice  and vegetables fits in, too!


Shrimp Etouffee (Solo P295) - Shrimps, holy trinity and linguini in creole etouffe cream sauce.

This creamy seafood pasta is already good for sharing.


Anyone tried their crabs and boiling bags? Pls. let me know your experience..

Here's Mimi answering the phone..btw, who called?=p


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Clawdaddy Osteria Americana
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