Monday, September 19, 2011

Bon Chon's Soy garlic Chicken!

Whenever there's something new, expect filipinos to dig and grab on it cos we were like, hey! this is new..I gotta try it and tell my friends that I've been there or I have that. Maybe that's one of the reasons why Chicken Bon Chon invaded Manila. The Soy Garlic Chicken is so new to us plus a lot of bloggers are promoting it well. Chicken Bon Chon is basically a fast food type which offers mainly their chicken and the rest as side dishes only. Compared to others, their price is a bit on the high side (6pcs drumsticks would cost P360++).
It's fully occupied when we got there and we have to order to get prioritized with the seats..The crew are busy and the crowd's noisy.=p
We had 2pcs. Chicken plus a regular drink for P145 - I love the soy garlic flavor but I thought it's kinda "bitin" since the flavor did not touch the inside meat of the chicken..Anyways, still it's need for sauce.
I totally agree with Mimi when she told me that nothing would beat Jollibee's Chickenjoy. Must say that Bon Chon's a must-try but it's not the type you'll want to eat frequently. Plus, when you eat chickenjoy, you'll always have a flashback of your childhood memories,right?hahaha! Here's Mimi with too much of expressions for a chicken.=p
Chicken Bon Chon SM Megamall

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