Friday, August 8, 2014

Chef Erick's House of Lasagna

After buying tickets for our most awaited Yummy Eats 2014, Dawn and I together with our little girl, shannon went to Megamall for our Late Lunch. We were really tired by then so a nearby restaurant will do and It was House of Lasagna that's In front of us.=)

We had their Beef Lasagna (Single-280) - I have always been a fan of lasagna and whenever it's available on the menu wherever I am, I always go for it all the time.. This day, I unintentionally had the best lasagna I've tasted so far! This was actually good for two so I got to share it with my best friend, Dawn.=)

Even the photos are killing me softly.=p

Southern Fried Chicken (P280) - Like our usual pinoy party, we partnered these fried chicks to our Lasagna. Comes with Potato Wedges and Coleslaw..I ordered another Coleslaw cos I can't contain myself to just a single serving.=)

I wonder if House of Lasagna needs another Housemate because I'm in need of a permanent home?lol.

With my super missed BFF.

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SuperLux said...

Price looks reasonable for a sumptuous meal. I might visit soon. Thanks for sharing.

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