Monday, June 14, 2010

Sakae Sushi with Mimi.=)

Mimi, I’m very happy spending this day with you..although we’re both tired from yesterday’s separate outings, super saya pa din natin.bangag ka.hahahahah!Yehey!nakakain na tau sa Japanese restaurant!


Mimi and I went to MOA to buy some...”secret” and I really had a hard time helping her (glad that she noticed it) so we took a break and have our lunch here at Sakae Sushi. This is the first time that we ate in a Japanese restaurant together since she’s not into it that much.. For the people passing by, the conveyor belt loaded with a variety of sushi is truly Sakae’s asset that eyes get stuck to it, I admit that that scene gave me the urge to eat there plus I’m a sushi lover.=)


As I open their menu, I noticed that most of the foods are overpriced based on the serving quantity..Imagine paying P99 pesos for 4 small square cuts of tofu and P50 pesos for a cup of rice..So the thought that I’ll get “bitin” with their single meals made me go for their All day Unlimited Sushi which is P399 for adults and P199 for kids.

I love most of their sushi creations and I don’t know but I love grabbing the plates from the conveyor belt..sorry, it’s my first time.=) The color of the plates have their corresponding prices: P39 for blue,P59 for yellow,P79 for green and P99 for red. I also love the complimentary soup and the unlimited cold green tea!








Mimi ordered Ebi Tempura(P299) because that’s the only Japanese food she eats.



I wanted to eat more but my stomach acts like it was saying a big NO!I just came from a heavy meal party last night and my stomach haven’t coped up are the swept mini plates.=)


Sakae Sushi
Mall of Asia

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