Monday, February 14, 2011

Almon Marina: Classic Sandwiches at affordable prices

Almon Marina is one of the restaurants wherein the scenario will always be like: you'll stop at the moment you saw their mouth-watering menu, then will think twice if you'll come in or pass and will just decide to try it next time because you'd think it's too much for you. Well, we just ate there and I'ma tell you that they have competitive prices for their above average food and service.


Mimi and I had a great time here because the place was simple but well - themed, choice of music was excellent which made this small place graceful and the service was fast and accommodating. This is our pre - valentine's celebration with no preparation at all because we just came from my sister's 18th birthday but in spite of it, we're together again this day and i think that's more than enough, eh?


Sandwiches are their specialty so we decided to go for it and I'm surprised that Mimi chose the same version as my sandwich, only that mine was roasted angus beef and hers was roasted chicken. The only thing that is not convenient here is that they follow the policy "Pay as you order", when it's more suitable and favorable that the menu will be given as customers took their seats. They have a variety of dishes and if you're new to it,that will take you so much time standing at the counter thinking of what you'll pick.It's a bit awkward for me..


Here's our picks for valentine's:

1. Open Faced Black Angus Beef (P200) - this came with vegetables and mashed potatoes on the side. The generous serving of angus beef made me smile at every bite. The sauce compliments the angus beef well. =)


2. Open Faced Roasted Chicken (P165) - this was Mimi's but I tried it. Same with mine..Chicken meat was tasty but not that tender


3. Chef's Salad (P145) - I asked the store manager and he said that this was their bestseller among the salads.. How I loved this especially the vinaigrette that comes with it!


All in, I loved Almon Marina and we would definitely come back if given a chance, Imagine paying only P500 for he both of us..Another good thing is that it has no service charge so the bill is as is.


Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!Be sure to have fun today!


Nava.K said...

the salad looks great, since I don't eat beef, my choice will the chicken.

angge said...

it tastes great,too!thanks for reading!=)

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