Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'd love to take a SIP!

My first ever milk tea experience happened at SIP, SM Sucat. It's because Mara, my co-nurse was insisting for a Milk tea and since I haven't tasted any, I'm in for that trip. Since then, I would always buy my favorite Chocolate Milk Tea.I even bought my sister and she always crave with just the thought of it.=)


Today, I brought Mimi, Lester and Ingga at SM Manila for SIP and here's what we had..

Large Chocolate Milk Tea (P100) - it already comes with your choice of add-ons.Mine and Sis was Sago..I just love the strong taste of tea on the Chocolate Milk..nice combination!


Large Mango flavored Tea (P95) - Most people like this but I don't. Doesn't taste exactly like mango


Large Chocolate Chappuccino (P110) - Add P10 for add - ons. The taste is almost like the chocolate milk tea


Here's my sister getting bipolar after her first day of work. Clown of the Day!


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