Monday, April 11, 2011

Roadtrip to South 1: Solenad, Nuvali.


Solenad, Nuvali is just like any other place,only that it is farther. But there is something in this place I would keep comin' back..I don't know but we've enjoyed in here so much!Nuvali is just one bus away from Manila and you can get proactive after being dropped here.

THE MAIN ATTRACTION?The abundant number of Koi that would die just to eat the bite-sized feeds you've thrown unto them!Oh my,to our amusement, we've bought a total of seven bags of feeds (P15 each) just to watch them fight over it!here's an explanation why we have to reward the good koi.




This is our first bonding together and I love watching my sister and Mimi having good times and moments here in Nuvali.=)


There isn't much to do here but the limited activities can already give you so much fun! How about a Taxi Boat Ride? This only costs P30 each with a minimum of six persons. In our case,since we're only three, we bought the whole trip for P180 pesos. I didn't thought that this cheap ride would cost my sister so much happiness.=)




Bikes are for rent for P60 per hour but not these super gorgeous "gwapo" bikes. It's just bike parking for customers of a trail cafe. Oh how I'm so addicted to mountain bikes!

After a while, exhaustion takes place and we had to relax and dine at Conti's. I'm very much occupied with Nuvali so the food photos are just snapshots but I hope you'd still like it..

Apple Potato Salad (P130) - The simple combination of apple, potato, chicken and carrots gave me a nice munchy feeling. The three of us shared this together


Tofu Steak (P190) - I told you, tofu's my weakness. There's no doubt that I loved this dish.Getting biased again.=)


Choco Mousse (P70) - Simple but tempting. We know that Conti's creations are not that sweet so it gives you an addictive feeling to eat more slices of cake..


Moist Choco (P70)


This is just part one of our Roadtrip to south. A very very tiring day,indeed. But it's okay cos it's all worth it!I love my Sister and my Mimi.=)



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