Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Pleasure of Eating at Magnum Manila!

I remember those days when Magnum was so famous that anyone who holds  it becomes a "royalty" in an instant (lol!). I don't know if it's just because of a great advertising or Magnum really is a great ice cream.Years had passed and now, Magnum has its Pleasure Store in Manila that brought the spark again for all the pleasure lovers and die-hard magnum fans.

The place is Purely Magnum with its Big Magnum Posters installed on the walls, the Banaue Rice Terraces and its own logo composed of thousands of Magnum sticks.

You can just drop by to experience pleasure with their Make your own Magnum for P100. From your choice of Magnum Vanilla or Chocolate up to the toppings, dips and drizzles...everything's up to you.
But if you want a more pleasurable experience, you can dine in, try anything on their savory menu and have their plated desserts.

Cajun Spiced Chicken Poppers (P180) - Buttermilk brined Chicken Fillets with white bacon gravy and spiced honey.

Oh my!I started scouting for buttermilk chicken after this! These big chicken chunks definitely made my day =)

Magnum Burger (P400) - This 1/3 pound wagyu burger is totally an easy pleasure as the meat easily breaks into your mouth with all the juices and flavors. =)

Carbonara with Cocoa dusted Bacon and Sous Vide Egg (P320) - "Spaghetti tossed in parmesan, bacon and cream. Crowned with a 60 degree cooked organic egg and crisp bacon.

The idea of Carbonara and Egg was really new for me. I thought it wouldn't work but the yolk added a good amount creaminess to the pasta. The flavor was a bit light and that's when the bacon comes in.

My most awaited part was the dessert (Of course, this is MAGNUM Manila...). We had their Cookie Dough Skillet (P280) - it was freshly baked when it was layed on our table... I can't explain my happiness as I had a bite of the warm cookie dough with melted dark chocolate on the center plus another bite on the vanilla magnum!

Surely this isn't a day lost as Magnum Manila brought pleasure right in our own table. Can't wait to try all their plated desserts!

Magnum Manila
SM Aura

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