Thursday, April 29, 2010

Triwan at Club Manila East

My Triwan Family went yesterday at Club Manila East. It has its branches at Taytay, Real and Quezon. Unlike other private resorts, cme can accommodate a crowd of guests but still manage to maintain a clean and good pools and facilities. My only problem together with other guests is that many branded slippers were lost or shall I say stolen during our stay..though I’m not really sad ‘bout my Havs being stolen..”sayang pa din yun”.


At the lobby. We can’t resist to pose here.excited.=)


The resort is so can take pictures anywhere!



Bringing of food is not allowed unless you knew someone working there. Anyways, food chains are available at CME. Jollibee,Chowking and Shakey’s


Use of kayaks are free! But of course you need patience while others ahead of you are still using it.


The Wave pool is cool and fun! They also have a kiddie pool and a shaded pool


Visit for more information about rates, accommodation, etc.

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