Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Historic Beauty of Corregidor. Part 1.

Mimi and I attended the 20th travel tour expo at smx center last February and before everything ends there, we closed a cheap deal with Sun Cruises for our Corregidor Island Tour. The Deal? Almost P5,000 that includes a day tour for 2 with lunch buffet, an overnight stay at Corregidor Inn with complimentary breakfast for two and 2 free passes for their manila bay cruise with dinner. I know the deal was awesome but our tour was even better!


Travel time is like an hour and a half but definitely a little chit chat with friends would wash away the waiting..It was a smooth sailing afternoon plus I don't get nauseated at all.=)


I got stunned during my first glance at Corregidor..It was more than those boring photos I googled and I just can't wait to stand from my seat.=/

Oh, before getting on board they will provide you sticker ids that will indicate your passenger seat, if you are to stay overnight or just day tour and your shuttle number.

Here we are!


Stop overs only last for 15 - 20 mins..so be sure to explore, take snapshots  and breathe in everything before the bell rings!


A humble indian couple volunteered to take a photo of us.=)


I imagined how things work during the time this place was still functional, their living and how the war made it so memorable..I can't stop looking at those buildings.. Well, actually,  you can also experience the ruins (by getting inside ) at your own risk according to our tour guide Sir Ewdward.=)



2nd stop are the cartridge rooms.



The blank spaces and silence makes the whole place a bit scary..


I don't think I could live with a hole this big in my body.haha!


Now, let's get to one of corregidor's best spots: the cannons. my favorite here are the 360's which means the cannon can fire at all angles.




the tour was a bit tiring at some point..all the walking with the sun's heat directly onto us..but I kept on listening to corregidor's history c/o our tour guide.


The Pacific War Memorial. A hole atop the dome lets light from the sun pass through the center of the altar- like marble on a definite date which I forgot.=)



The original lighthouse was reconstructed on the same spot where the new one has been built. around it are some memorabilia and snack stores as it is another stop over.


Another amazing spot here is the museum where artifacts and remains of war are stored in. Dog tags still with blood stains, weapons, photos and.. I never thought that coke existed already during their time?=)

A photo of Yamashita and the other one was so fun to read.




The Japanese Garden of Peace. Our tour guide told us that construction of this area for the japanese soldiers gained different reactions from the people..



The Malinta Tunnel offers a lights and sounds presentation but I would have preferred if they kept the tunnel preserved as it was before..I get goosebumps everytime I think that I'm here exactly at the laterals were the soldiers and patients stayed  during the war.



Mimi and I both agreed that the whole tour was so much worth it..You get to walk and go to the place that played an important role in History..  It's just so sad because most of the people that drop by at Corregidor are not Filipinos but Foreigners that are eager to know and explore the treasures that we have..

If you want to go to Corregidor, search for Sun Cruises because they are the only cruise line that offers transportation and tour to Corregidor.

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