Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Big Daddy's Chicken

I tried Big Daddy's Chicken last night at Mall of Asia and here's my quick review about it.


Well it's plainly about Taiwan's Chicken Chops with a few flavor you can rumble on it. I was not too sure about how each flavor would affect the chops so I had the original chicken chops which is their bestseller.

Choose between their Flavors: Original,Nori, Plum, Wasabi, Lemon, Chili. For the Chops only (P95), Chop,Rice and Soup (120) and Chops and Meaty Pasta (P135)

I quickly had a selective amnesia with the meaty pasta..It lacks every taste i could imagine it should have. The Chops had a sweet garlic taste which was so in favor for me.


Big Daddy's Chicken
Mall of Asia

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