Friday, February 28, 2014

Design, Build and Eat at Project Pie PH

Is there a thing right now that can't be customized?First it was my shirt, then my hoodie and I got a little crazier when it went down to my pizza.=)

Project Pie lets anyone build their own pizza for only P289. That's really a small amount for one of the best confusions you'll have in your life.

It's best to go here before the usual meal time to avoid all these people. Plus you'll have a lot of time designing your own piece.

The list of ingredients to choose from and their other products are being given before the line up. Still, there's a showcase in 3 parts if you're not familiar with the names: Cheeses, meats and vegetables

After like 10 minutes of waiting, here's our project pies!

I can be a goat for pizza...the more greens I see, the more I'm loving it!

Mimi's version is topped fully with all kinds of cheese and simply with pepperoni and mushrooms..
She doesn't like having too much toppings.What a bore =p

We also had their banana nutella pie (P149) sprinkled with cinnamon powder. =) 

Unlimited drinks at P65 for Coca - Cola Products, juices and tea. I had liters of their Peach - infused tea!

With the Only Person CUSTOMIZED just for me.=)

P.S Try reading all the quotes scribbled on the walls!=)

Project Pie
BLUEBAY near MOA and Heritage Hotel

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