Friday, December 27, 2013

Our Christmas Stay at Miravana Wellness Spa and Resort

Mimi and I spent our  Pre - Christmas Celebration at Miravana Wellness Spa and Resort in Laguna. This hidden gem in the south is more like a placid area and a very good place for relaxation or even for getaways.. 

After an hour of smooth trip from Manila, here's our final destination. =)

We were required to wait in the lobby since we came earlier  for the check - in time.

The main attraction of Miravana are these rooms in sequence. Each room has its own veranda and a share of still water.

A closer look.

And now, I'll let you peek through pictures of the room. Welcome drinks, a mini ref and safe deposit box is included

A coffe table on the left and work table on the right corner.

The Bathroom is well - equipped and spacious. Unseen on the left side is a tub.=)

We planned to have our merienda in their restaurant just to try what they have to offer to their guests..

The Triple Decker (P175)  - For the price, this is something that could make you feel weak. A sandwich stuffed poorly.

Their Burger (P200) contains a big patty but the problem is that it's so bland

Miravana has a total of 3 large pools. Two of these can be viewed beautifully from the restaurant.

The covered one.

Miravana's Function hall is just beside the lobby.

On the way to their Sauna room.=)

We actually bought the deal for only P3000 and the inclusions are clearly stated. Complimentary Breakfast for two, use of their facilities including the sauna..but when we were about to try it, they said its not included in the deal..Mimi showed our voucher and they said we could use it for only 30 minutes..

A place of Tranquil should include a place for prayers.=)

We woke up with a lovely sunlight and gentle breeze passing through our skin..We stayed in the veranda for a moment and headed to the resto for our breakfast..I was thinking of something heavy to start our day right but once the waiter served our meal, our mood changed instantly.

A lame Egg and bread for breakfast..

Overall, The place is something everyone would appreciate and enjoy. The Facilities and services are complete (spa, pools, gyms, etc.). Only that, their food is unacceptable.. I always thought that a good place must have good food. Plus, some staff are not well oriented on their policies and services. I hope they'll work on this soon.

Here's us at Miravana. Merry Christmas to all our readers! =)

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