Friday, October 11, 2013

Kanin Club at Paseo de Sta. Rosa

I am always chilly for Filipino restaurants not and never because I hate our own food culture but because I get used with Nanay's version of Filipino dishes and I hate to compare everytime we eat at such restaurants..Let's face it: Nothing beats every pinoy dish served and cooked by our mothers at home.

But. We have friends and they would bring you to a restaurant like Kanin Club at Paseo de Sta. Rosa and you have no choice but to eat with them..I was really hesitant at first..but when I saw that a lot of people where craving in, I thought maybe their food is worth trying.


The place was very Filipino so it's given that its welcoming. The service is warm and fast considering Filipino dishes are hard to prepare.


(Please excuse me for the low quality photos since these were taken using just my iphone 4s.=/)

Ginataang Hipon (P313) - Fresh shrimps in a saute of fresh- squeezed coconut milk with wing beans and onions.

I am a fan of "Ginataan" dishes and this one is no exception  at all!

The buttery sauce plus the rich flavor of coconut milk was a hit and you can't go wrong with the generous serving of big and well - cooked shrimps!


Crispy Pork Binagoongan (P243) - Pork Belly in a bed of Bagoong sauce.

This one's a bit unusual because it has tomatoes and a bit sour for me making it like "sinigang". Anyways, that's why versions are invented..


Kare - Kare (P376) - Ox tripe, pork leg chunks and vegetables in peanut sauce.

The thick sauce and strong peanut taste over the sweet side was lovely! This was a knockdown dish( I think,always) wiped out in an instant.


Crispy Tadyang (P329) - Crunchy and lightly seasoned beef spare ribs.

Described as it is but I'm not really into dry dishes except lechon.=)


I'd like to bring my whole family here on a lunch time If only there's a nearer branch.. My friends and I enjoyed what we had and since they brought us a delighful meal, our conversations got less because we are very much concentrating on eating.=)

With my co-nurses/friends.=)


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