Sunday, May 2, 2010

2 of 4 for jane: Eskimo Bob by Iceberg

Eskimo Bob by Iceberg is an ice cream diner at the bay view part of moa. They serve crepes, Splits and parfaits, Milk shakes, choco creations, pasta, steaks and many more! Mimi and I once ate here for a chocolate fondue and I knew that another experience would be worth while.


Mine was M&M’s Rainbow (P138)- I felt sugar on my veins..Even the strawberry syrup below the ice cream scoops is gone.


Jane’s was the Hugs and Kisses (P138)- Nothing really special except of course, the kisses.=p


If you have experienced their pasta, salads, etc. You can share it here so if it’s good, you wouldn’t only go for their desserts!



I took a shot from one of the pages of their menu, sorry I'm too lazy for it is:


JANE! requested

IMGP9995 copy

Eskimo Bob by Iceberg
Mall of Asia
4:00 - 10:00 pm


Lee said...

i think the last time I went to iceberg was over 5 years ago. the hugs & kisses is sooo colorful! <3

thanks for visiting my blog. i've started following you..follow me back? ^__^

angge said...

yeah, sure. I will.=)

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