Sunday, October 30, 2011

Atsu Atsu Ramen.=)

Our dinner at Atsu Atsu Ramen was Mimi's treat from her last sweldo.It's sad, I know cos going back on her working days, all for me was free..haha! Anyways, It's surprising how a lot of customers dig and stop by AAR from it's location. You'll know it when you get there. AAR is just a small ramen restaurant at Quezon City and choices are limited too..
We had this meal for two consisting of: Tokyo Ramen - This is the first time I tasted Ramen so I don't know if this is the best or its just how all ramen really tastes.And if that is the case, then I'm a new found Ramen fan! This big bowl is good for 2-3 persons and we almost emptied it in no time!It's best to eat ramen during dinner cos it's coooOOoold!
4 pcs Fish Fillet- love their tender and tasty fillets but I just noticed they're not much good in mixing their sauce.
2 Mini Salads - A simple salad with a splendid dressing!
2 Garlic Rice
4 pcs Gyoza
Iced Tea - almost close to water but it's ok.
2 Coffee Jelly - Not a fan of coffee - based desserts but if I was,maybe I'd like it cos the taste of coffee here was prominent and strong
All of these for only P350 using our voucher. P450 on their regular price. Ordered their 6 pcs california Maki (P150) - You already know what a Sushi lover would write here.=)
It was already 9:00 pm when we got there and the other customers were almost done and left in a few minutes. The place was quite small and the waitresses were looking at us while eating.It's a bit awkward but I do understand that they're just being attentive to what we might need. And still, they're on a dry run..not bad service at all for a starter!
Even a bite of fame is hard to get: AAR is offering an eat-all-you-can Ramen for P200!Beat this guy by eating 5 ramens in an hour and you'll have this spot at the restaurant.=p

Atsu Atsu Ramen

Araneta Ave. Quezon City


Anonymous said...

it was closed to my office as in walking distance along araneta quezon ave. The place was really quite small and place was really hard to find but there food and service was great. But sad thing they are now closed.

angge said...

sad to hear that...if this was near me i'd visit it like a kid visits jollibee. .:(

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