Friday, October 15, 2010

Bigoli with Barkada

Pasta for me is too easy, maybe a drop off at sbarro will do or at any restaurant offering it for a cheap price. I would never go for P500 pasta dish cause there’s a big possibility that I’d get disappointed BIG TIME. Anyways, today is my bestfriend Jane’s birthday and so she had her treat at Bigoli. Their offer made their dishes at its best, imagine paying P160 only for a great combo.


Pork Piccata with Fettuccine Alfredo and Garlic bread(P165) – this is the best combo for me! I love the Piccata especially when melted cheese oozes out when you bite. =)


Pork Piccata with Spaghetti marinara and Garlic bread(P150)


Chicken Pasta Bigoli(P115) – this was mei’s order. They want to try something different this time because its their nth time here but I guess it wasn’t a nice move because the taste of this pasta wasn’t satisfying.


Meltique Beef Pasta Bigoli(P115)- another loser here. The taste of the meat was unexplainable.


Bacon Stromboli(P120) – this is the winner for me! I can eat this all by myself!


The birthday girl: Jane.=)


This day also serves as our anniversary.Here's our Birthday Cupcake from frostings.


JAPAN for LIFE. We're six actually but the other one is lost..If you happen to find her somewhere out there,kindly return her to US.


BTW, I am now a canon EOS 500d user.Hope you noticed better photos as I do but of course, I'd miss my classic pentax.


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Yum yum.. Good work folks..!!

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