Thursday, April 7, 2011

Floating Island: Makati Med's Best.


I headed straight to Makati Med after my initial interview at Heart Center. My half day at PHC was a bit of stress for me because it's my first work interview, I don't know but I got tired easily with just a psycho exam and a 5 minute- interview. When I got at MMC, maybe Mimi was on the best of her mood that she offered me "merienda" at Floating Island at her expense. I have been wanting to eat at Floating Island ever since my first check - up at mmc and that was way way back during my childhood days.


The interiors were that of an ordinary cafeteria on prestige hospitals. If you're not familiar about Floating Islands, for sure you'd go some place like Pizza Hut, Burger King, etc which are just inside the hospital. You and I know the financial status of clients here so the prices of dishes here no matter how simple it is would cost you much.Good thing Floating Island gives their prices justice. I'm so happy that my long time dream of eating here didn't dissapoint me at all means.

My all time favorite here is their Turon (P25). I could eat three if you'll provide me.=)

Monte Carlo (P190)+ 10% SC - typical as it seems,this sandwich could satisfy you alone. I love the combination and the cheese was not too strong here. that's my type of sandwich!


Pancit Maria (P210)+ 10% SC - With the way it looks,you'd doubt about the taste but believe me it's flavorful! This one's can be shared by two already. A vegetarian like me would definitely recommend this to anyone!


Thanks to Mimi for making this childhood dream of mine to life like when she bought me a mountain bike.=) After this, we went to starbucks for a chill. She made fun of me by taking shots of my odd pose.


Overall, Floating island gives MMC patients a good deal for a hospital -based menu. Most of the hospital cafeterias kasi would made their experience and food both redundant, dull and bland.Plus, I've been to a LOT of hospitals because I'm a sick person (mentally and physically) and I think Floating Island is the best so far for me.=)

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