Thursday, April 22, 2010

Villa Rey, Laguna: my dream place!

Since my birthday caught the last few days of summer, I always celebrate it as a swimming party. This time, we got farther because it’s my 18th birthday! My relatives, all the way from the north came earlier at the place than we are..My friends from high school and college were there and everyone that had been so close to me all my life.

The Place is Villa Rey resort, owned by a known government official there at Laguna. The resort is one of those found in a village in pansol, laguna full of hot spring pools and stay-inns. Although this one is far from the main gate of the village, you can ask some fixers there to guide you to the place.

Renting the resort for an overnight would cost you 16,000 inclusive of the adult and kiddie pool, and the five fully air-conditioned rooms. Add 500 pesos for the gas that you’ll use for cooking. But in case you wouldn’t accommodate all the rooms, tell it to the caretaker and she’ll lower the price to 9,000 pesos..only for the days mon-thurs. Fri- Sunday are the peak days so the rates are higher.

The entrance to Villa Rey…my dream place!

Here’s the overall view of the resort. It can accommodate up to 100 persons if and only if not all of you would sleep at the same time.=)


Shots from the pool side: may seem unclean because this picture was taken after last night’s party

What made the place so relaxing is that trees are all over. You’ll appreciate it more during daytime, so green!

This is the view from the terrace above. The videoke machine is located at this part..might as well do the happy times and eatings here because foods are prohibited at the pool side.

(with the not so patterned cake for the celebrant)

the resort is near JC MANZANO RESORT..

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hi im interested dito sa villa rey, can you give their contact info please? thanks!

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