Wednesday, September 7, 2011

World Chicken's Great Combos!

When you feel like being PG, all you think about are cheap eats that could make your tummy happy and somehow satisfy your taste buds. That's what I'm thinking about every time I eat at World Chicken. I'm a regular here and I order the same combo all the time..=) It's the grilled chicken with mornay cheese, potato salad and fetuccini Al Tomo . This combo has 2 sidings which will cost you P160..not bad,eh.
You have a lot of sidings to choose from and create your own platter..Visit Worldchicken for the complete list. The Place? They have a lot of branches either on a foodcourt or as a cafe. This one's on Mall of Asia is the most spacious that I have seen yet.
P.S. : I just don't understand their tagline "Be good to your heart, eat grilled". Are you making shit out of me?Just kiddin..but this really dropped my brain on the floor.=p

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