Saturday, March 29, 2014

Island Cove's Fishing Village

Fishing Village is my most favorite restaurant inside Island Cove. Dining in nipa huts over still water with fresh air is so native and exhilarating!=)

Aside from dining al fresco, you can also fish around and eat your catch with corresponding prices.

Fishing Village highlights good Filipino dishes and fresh seafoods. They also have refreshing drinks and shakes to beat the summer's heat.

Here's the sinful Crispy Lechon sa Buho.=)

My type of kare-kare...thick sauced and with lots of oxtail and vegetables.

Here are the other sooOoo pinoy dishes that I wasn't able to try because I got so full.

When I saw the Seafood Platter approaching, I'm already drooling from afar because I love Seafoods!I don't care how it is cooked may it be with sauce or just steamed...seafoods will always be seafoods, right?

Pork Barbeque anyone?

Yummy kinilaw!

Our Palate cleansers are assorted fresh fruits and fried bananas in spring rolls with ice cream scoops!

Thanks to Mrs. Willa Stock for letting me borrow her photos because I accidentally erased some of my photos of the tour.It was really a blast having a feast with my co-bloggers at fishing village.=)

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