Friday, April 1, 2011

It takes two to SANGO.

Mimi is now working at Makati Medical Center and of course, I would visit her when my time and money would allow me. I wanted to try Dome but decided to skip it cos it would swipe away even my savings so we tried Sango, the japanese burger master instead. It's just along Legaspi Village, walking distance from Makati Med.


The Place. Simple and organized. The one that caught my attention are the manga comics at the side of the resto. So if you're a lover, you might spend a couple of hours at Sango.


The Food. we had two of their burgers, no add-ons.

Chicken Cheese Burger (P155) - I love how the coleslaw goes with the chicken. Sango is good in making combinations and if burgers here would cost less than a hundred, I'd have another one after the other.=)


Master Cheese Burger (P155) - One of the best burgers I've tasted! The special meat sauce and diced onion gave me a nice mild kick, the sliced cheese was melting slowly in my tongue and The patty was 100 % pure, it was all worth it! But I got to admit that I've been messy with this one.=)


The Service. They can distinguish easily if you're a first timer or not that's why they also know your needs. And for the japanese experience, they gave us an origami which I don't know what figure is it. I really had fun here! I wanted to savour the goodness of their burgers but I can't help myself eating it fast and effortless.haha!

I really can say that Sango is one of the best burgers in town and I'd go back again and again for their burgers and for their fries maybe.. I find their salads a bit simple but who knows if it's great naman pala.

How about having Mimi and Pringles on your side?Sure it's fun!


RG-5 The Creek Side Mall, Legaspi Village, Makati
Tel. No: 8894445/8300391

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