Sunday, May 2, 2010

4 0f 4 for jane: Dulcinea

The Dulcinea at mall of asia is the first restaurant I've seen from them because mostly they come in stalls..I saw some of their food presentations and I think it's good naman.



We ordered their mini cakes (P89 each) but I haven't appreciated them much because I'm already full..I like their creampuffs more than their cakes.



Jane again!



Denise said...

i love your blog. so yummy! every post is so mouthwatering. love those sweets. Got to say whenever we go to Manila am excited for every new restaurant that we'd dine in. Here is bataan konti ang choices. Max, a chinese-chinisan resto, a japanese-japanesan resto, so on and on... well you get my point.

angge said...

thanks po!I've been to bataan for a summer vacation but not on for a food trip..anyways, i hope these posts might help.=)

*MrsMartinez* said...

wow those are sinful cakes!

angge said...

hehe.oo nga po..too bad I didn't appreciate it much.

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